"Wow, I am sure glad that we chose to work with Dave. Dave worked with us every step of the way as we were trying to sell. I should probably say that he was way ahead of us on every step. Dave is very organized and knows the process and what it takes to sell a home. I feel Dave went way above what he needed to do to sell our place. We live 3 hours away, so trying to sell, we thought was going to be a difficult process. With Dave as our agent that was not the case. Dave exceeded our expectations of what an agent would do for a client. He held Open houses every weekend, lined up all the work and companies to do it, and he even made sure the place looked well kept inside and out while we were on the market. Dave even went as far as communicating with our HOA to get certain information that we needed to sell. I am very impressed with how professional Dave is. The time that he saved us by taking care of so many things that we would have had a hard time doing because of logistics was tremendous. Overall we are very happy and impressed with Dave and his efforts. I highly recommend Dave to anybody that is looking for an agent." ~ Krispen V.

"Dave is a great person and realtor. I recently had the opportunity to work with Dave when looking for a place in the city. I could start listing things I liked but I will keep it to top three most important things for me.

- Dave was never too busy to work with you and you never have trouble getting his attention or quick response.

- He was comfortable with catering to our strengths and weaknesses as clients and focused on filling in the knowledge gaps rather than trying to tell us things we already knew.

- He was personable, easy to get along with and really made an effort to work the networking angle."

Luke O.

"Selling my home while going through a divorce was the most stressful experience of my life . Dave was patient ,kind and supportive in a manner I would expect of a friend ,not a real estate agent. He cheerfully corrected all the mistakes I made and took over all the areas I wasn't able to manage .He was generous with his time and made many extra trips to my home to clarify strategies and give me advice to help me get the house prepared for the showings. My house wound up selling for a record breaking amount. As if that weren't enough, when a few months later I was having legal problems and needed details of the house sale which I could not find after the chaos of moving, and was returned to a state of panic, Dave came to my rescue again. He actually volunteered, drove me and accompanied me into the lawyers office to make sure they had all the information they needed which helped me both emotionally and financially. Dave's, compassion and generosity are unforgettable."

Rose S.

"Dave was recommended to us and did a great job. He was very responsive, very knowledgeable about a lot of resources and the current real estate market. He was always warm, friendly, honest and available. We had a very good experience with him."

Judy L.

"I worked with Dave in Q1 2013, and it was a great experience. Dave showed all the traits of a great realtor: you felt that he was giving your the real story on every property we visited, he was having extremely deep knowledge of the market, and he was to the point. Do not hesitate to work with him - you will enjoy it!" ~ Angiolo L.

"My husband and I were literally led to the door of Zephyr Real Estate and out walked Prince (Dave's pug) to greet us, followed by a very friendly and welcoming Dave. We were just popping in to inquire about real estate in the area as my husband was possibly being transferred to the West Coast. Dave spent a LONG time explaining how real estate worked in SF and what we should consider/think about in terms of where and what to buy etc. He gave us a HUGE package of valuable information to take away and promised to keep in touch. We left there knowing we'd found our realtor (and that was a huge relief). It took over a year before we were able to actually move to SF but that whole time we got regular postcards/emails from Dave keeping us in touch with the market changes and letting us know he was still there for us whenever we might make our move West.

By the time we got to SF to stay, there was a very low inventory and not a lot to match our criteria. But Dave was encouraging and didn't try to pressure us into anything that wasn't a good match for us. When we found our house (again, we were literally led to the door) he was quick to help us negotiate our offer and then whisked us through a quick closing. We've told Dave that meeting him that day was a "divine appointment" and we really do believe that. We look forward to getting to know Dave more as we are now living in the same neighborhood -- he has been a real gift to us in a new city and we would definitely recommend him to others!"

Joan K.

"Dave Cunningham is the best !!!! my partner and I closed a beautiful house, the one we really want... Dave has a lot of knowledge and we are so happy to have worked with him... Thank you Dave!!!"

Elba B.

"Dave is the absolute best! He helped us find and purchase our first home. He is extremely knowledgeable about the Bay Area real estate market which made looking for a place painless. He did not waste our time showing us properties that were out of our price range or did not fit our needs. Dave is extremely communicative and a consummate professional, in addition to being a really nice guy. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone wishing to wishing to work with an intelligent, honest, and knowledgeable real estate agent."

Sheila G.

"There is a lot to know if you're buying real estate in California, and even more to know and prepare for if you're buying in San Francisco. I don't know how I would have gotten through my purchase in the city without Dave Cunningham. His expertise and ethos of total service to his client got me through the process with practically no hiccups. First, Dave meets with you and walks you through everything you need to know if you're trying to buy property in San Francisco (an experience that has some interesting aberrations from typical residential real estate markets). Next, he pledges to work for you, and only you, in your transaction. Then, he provides listings that target your budget, and is ready with his informed and honest opinion about each one. From there, he steers you to open houses or makes appointments for showings of properties you may be interested in, for as long as it takes to find the right place for you. Unlike other agents I've worked with, Dave is there with you throughout the escrow process -- not just at closing. After, he helps you with referrals to other professionals you need -- decorators, locksmiths, and the list goes on. And he's always happy to hear from you, even if you're not in the market anymore. I consider myself truly lucky to have found Dave Cunningham at Zephyr Real Estate. My life has changed profoundly as a result of his help in finding my San Francisco property!"

Robert A.

"We highly recommend Dave as a real estate agent. Before meeting Dave, we had met many agents who were quite aggressive about providing their services. But, Dave had a friendly, sincere approach about helping us find our dream home. He has helped us purchase two homes in San Francisco. Both homes received multiple offers, but our offers were accepted, thanks to Dave's effective techniques representing us, the buyers. When it's time to sell our homes, we will definitely be calling on Dave to help us! We enjoy working with him because he is friendly, reliable, and possesses extensive knowledge about the city."

Tyler A.

"Dave is the consummate Realtor, and was invaluable from the first minute we saw the property until the day we closed. Even after the closing, he made sure the property was in mint condition for our move-in. He also used his network to line up contractors to help us in refreshing the property to our tastes. Representing us as buyers, he gave us sound advice about the market, the property and the process. We knew we would be in a competitive-offer situation, and he was a great sounding board for strategy, as we offered a price which was accepted, but not outrageously over the competition. Dave knows the San Francisco market intimately. He made it a priority to know us well to align us with what was available, set our expectations realistically, and then go for it! We'd use Dave again, and can recommend him without reservation."

Smith M.

"LOVED working with Dave, and felt blessed to have met him at an open house that he was covering for a colleague. Dave steered me towards the Sunset, a place I now love -- but would not have seriously considered without his wise suggestion to keep an open mind (bargains...resale value...hidden gems...the weather's really not that bad...). Lo and behold, there were bargains, some really good homes to choose from, and a most refreshing / unexpected balance of city and sea (and, yes, even sun!), all that close to being overlooked. Dave answered all of my questions clearly, quickly, and with a sense of humor, honesty and transparency that made me want to sing his praises to everybody. He became a trusted adviser and always respected my own instincts, hesitations and quirks. For anyone looking for a collaborative approach to buying a home, call Dave. Call him now. You won't be sorry. Thanks, Dave!"

Anna P.

"My wife and I worked with Dave to find our dream home in San Francisco. Dave was supportive, professional, hospitable during the entire process. He always followed-up and ensured that we had taken all the necessary steps to have a pleasant experience. Once we had closed the deal, he was helpful in recommending services such as a locksmith and carpet cleaner who were all top notch. We would highly recommend Dave to purchase your new home - he makes the entire process comprehensible. Because we partnered with Dave, we're now enjoying our first home on a hill with views, views, views from every room! And, he has a fun pug named Princey!"

Chris M.

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